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  • Alienware Alpha

    Alienware Alpha

    Combine the freedom of PC gaming with the ease of a console on the new Alienware Alpha. The customized Alienware UI provides easy access to thousands of Steam games right at your fingertips.

    Learn MoreStarting at $549
  • TactX Keyboard

    Alienware TactX Keyboard

    Full-sized keyboard with six additional programmable macros. Featuring AlienFX customizable lighting.

    Learn MoreStarting at $79.99
  • TactX Mouse

    Alienware TactX Mouse

    Get pinpoint accuracy and split-second in-game reaction times. Featuring AlienFX customizable lighting.

    Learn MoreStarting at $79.99
  • Alienware Vindicator Bags

    Alienware Vindicator Bags

    Keep your laptop and other equipment secure and protected on the go with an Alienware Vindicator bag.

    Learn MoreStarting at $29.99
  • TactX Headset

    Alienware TactX Headset

    Retractable microphone; Custom audio environment for optimized in-game sounds

    Learn MoreStarting at $59.99
  • PC Games

    PC Games

    Select from dozens of game titles to defeat your enemies on your Alienware system.

    Learn MoreStarting at $16.99
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