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Play the largest library of games in full 1080p on your TV.
Introducing the newest gaming system with
power for serious gaming.

Starting at $479.99

Coming November

Alienware Steam Machine

The Alienware Steam Machine combines the awesome experience of console gaming with a massive library of over 980 games, all in full 1080p HD on your TV. You’ll experience powerful and immersive gaming with the high performance NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX GPU 2GB GDDR5 graphics and Intel® Core processors. Be in total command with the Steam controller, which controls your moves like no other game controller before it. Have a game on your PC that you want to play on your TV? Not a problem as the Alienware Steam Machine can stream any Steam game on your home network to your TV. The Alienware Steam Machine gives you quick and easy access to thousands of your favorite Steam games and entertainment. You’ll also be joining the largest community of gamers in the world with no membership fee.

MASSIVE GAMES LIBRARY – Play over 980 games including Portal 2, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! and Dying Light

VALUE – Comes bundled with games and in-game content out of the box

STEAM CONTROLLER - The ultimate living room gaming accessory is included

MULTI-PLAYER - Play with up to 4 gaming controllers along with millions of gamers online

POWERFUL GAMING – Equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX GPU 2GB GDDR5 graphics and Intel® Core processors

Alienware Alpha. Steam Machine Ready. Learn More


When can I buy Valve’s Steam Controller?

The Steam Controller will be available for purchase November 2015.

Can I buy a Steam Controller and load SteamOS onto the current Alienware Alpha when it is released?

Yes, the current Alpha is SteamOS and Steam Controller “ready”. Owners will be able to load the OS easily themselves if they wish.

Will I be able to convert back to Windows?

Yes, you will be able to convert back to Windows and we will provide step by step instructions.

Will I be able to get the Alpha U.I. if I purchase SteamOS but decide to install Windows at a later time?

Yes, Alpha U.I. is available to download from our support site.

Will you discontinue the Alienware Alpha?

No. We will continue to offer the Alpha with Windows. Additionally, we are fully committed to continuing our efforts of driving additional innovation through the Alpha U.I. software.

Now that Windows 10 can stream Xbox games, how does that affect your plans?

PC is an open ecosystem and Alpha is a true hybrid device. We will work to see what experiences will be best for the customer and work to incorporate.

What’s the difference between Alienware Alpha and the Alienware Steam Machine?

The two are still solutions for PC gaming for the living room but will serve two different audiences. Alpha, Windows based, is a hybrid product that allows you to treat it as a fully functional desktop. Steam Machine, Linux based, has a sole purpose of a gaming console.

Alienware Alpha and Alienware Steam Machine looks aesthetically the same, are there any differences?

Aesthetically everything will be the same except the corner will have a Steam logo.

When will the Alienware Steam Machine be released to the public?

Our goal is to begin shipping units as soon as the Steam Controller is available in November. Full country availability list to be released closer to launch.

What if I want more information on the Alienware Steam Machine?

You can sign up for updates here or head over to our Steam page and add it to your wishlist.

How much will the Alienware Steam Machine cost?

The Alienware Steam Machine will start at $479.99.

What will Alienware Steam Machine be bundled with?

It will come bundled with a Steam Controller and bonus game content to be announced later. We want everyone to be able to game right out of the box.

What kind of hardware is going to be in the Alienware Steam Machine?

Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce GPU GTX 2GB GDDR5.

How will the Alienware Steam Machine be different from other Steam Machines?

Alienware has a long history of engineering products to exceed the demanding standards of gamers everywhere. Our focus is to design the best Steam Machine and provide the best gaming experience for our customers. We want to deliver on Valve and Alienware’s unified vision for what a Steam Machine should be.

Will customers be able to install another OS like Windows?

We do not lock customer out from being able to change their OS. If you own an Alpha and choose to install another OS, feel free.

Will games that are not available on Steam such as League of Legends and World of Tanks be playable on the Alienware Steam Machine?

Alienware is not locking out any games or any other content. If the content can run on SteamOS, customers will be able to enjoy it.

Will the Alienware Steam Machine have other entertainment/media features like the ability to play movies and music?

Yes. You’ll be able to stream TV shows and movies or listen to music while gaming. Steam delivers more than just games to your living room.

Will AlienFX work on the Alienware Steam Machine?

Yes, AlienFX will work with SteamOS.

Will it be upgradeable?

Yes, the CPU, memory, hard drive and wireless cards are upgradable.