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Alienware not only builds systems that deliver rock-solid reliability, we go the extra mile to ensure your peace of mind with AlienContact, a quick and convenient online repair tool.

Advantages of AlienContact

Here's what makes AlienContact so beneficial:

  • Gives an Alienware support representative the ability to access key information about your system, diagnose the issue and repair it — all through an Internet connection.
  • Eliminates the need to waste valuable time waiting for your system to return from a repair facility.
  • Allows you to supervise every step of the repair process, just as if you were standing next to the Alienware representative, or fix the issue yourself.
  • Lets you determine whether you want to grant Alienware partial or full access to your system.
  • Speeds up service time by allowing the Alienware representative to make direct downloads onto your system instead of through a server.

How it Works

In the unlikely event that a repair is necessary, AlienContact will have your system up and running again in no time. After contacting Alienware, you will be provided with a code by one of our representatives. They will direct you to a portal where you can input the code and then download and run the AlienContact program. After you decide whether to give partial or full access to your system, the Alienware representative will then retrieve the necessary system information and determine the ideal solution.

Terms and Conditions

  • Alienware recommends Genuine Microsoft software
  • Give the perfect gift with an Alienware Gift Card
  • Conquer with confidence - Let us setup, customize, optimize and troubleshoot all of your gaming needs.