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AlienContact Terms and Conditions

The AlienContact program gives Alienware Support representatives the ability to control your computer for troubleshooting purposes. Utilizing this tool, support representatives can analyze the configuration of your system, view and edit your files and registry, view and comment on your screen. The representative will have full access to your system, please remain at your system throughout the entire session to monitor all actions taken. Once your session begins, you will always have overriding control by movement of your mouse. You will also be able to discontinue the session at any time by selecting "X" in the upper right-hand corner of session window.

Alienware will access, collect and use certain information during your session for for limited purposes. For more information, please see the heading "Collection and Use of Data" below.

Downloading the AlienContact Software

By downloading, you agree to the Alienware Software License Agreement and the Alienware Privacy Policy. The use of the AlienContact program is also subject to the terms of Alienware's Limited Product Warranty and Terms and Conditions for Sale. By downloading, you also acknowledge that:

  • AlienContact sessions may be monitored or recorded for quality control purposes.
  • Alienware's representatives may be located outside of the U.S. You agree that you will not export any controlled technology or software during the remote session unless that export is authorized.
  • If potentially illegal, suspicious or dangerous activity is discovered during the course of the AlienContact session, Alienware reserves the right to report it to appropriate agencies, including law enforcement.

Functions Performed

Functions that your representative may use to assist you.

  • The representative will take control of your system to troubleshoot and make the necessary fixes.
  • The representative has the ability to modify your system.
  • In certain cases the representative is able to view, edit, and exchange file and registry information. You will be prompted to accept or deny each action.
  • The representative is able to view and/or change your system configuration for troubleshooting purposes (free space on hard drive, running programs, settings, preferences etc.).
  • You will be able to view every function the representative is performing.

Collection and Use of Data

Access, Collection and Use of Data (Non-Personal Information)

In the course of providing this service, Alienware will:

  • collect statistical usage information about AlienContact sessions; and
  • collect the following information encrypted in a data log file sent back to Alienware:
    • Session ID - Random number used to identify each AlienContact session
    • Session Log - A log or recording of all actions from the technician will be captured
    • Date / Time - Date and time that a session started and ended
    • Internet Explorer - Version of Internet Explorer installed
    • Service Pack - Version of Windows service pack installed
    • Computer Type - Computer model
    • Edition - Version of Microsoft Windows installed (XP Pro, XP Home, etc.)
    • System Devices - System profile information (Example: Internet Explorer settings, Hard Drive Free Space, Running Processes)

Access, Collection and Use of Personal Information

In the course of providing this service, Alienware will access your unique service tag number, which is defined as personal information under the Alienware Privacy Policy. Alienware may also monitor or record AlienContact sessions, which could include your telephone call and screen shots of your system, and which may involve the inadvertent collection of your personal information. Alienware will only use this information for quality control purposes, and will only retain it for a limited period of time. AlienContact uses a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect personal information from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure.

With your technician, please read the terms on the left. If you agree, click the I Agree button

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Note: You may be asked if you would like to install or run this program.

In order to use AlienConnect, you will need to be guided by a Alienware technician. If you have arrived to this page without a technician, please contact Alienware through the channels below.

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